Welcome Freshmen

August 8, 2016
By KMante PLATINUM, Leicester, Massachusetts
KMante PLATINUM, Leicester, Massachusetts
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Welcome Freshmen:...

To the Home of the Wolverines where you will personally embark on your own four year adventure. You will explore new fields, new possibilities, and new fears. Some of you, if not all of you, may be terrified and if not terrified at least nervous to discover what lies at the end of this light as a high schooler. As you undertake this new journey, be prepared to make memories that will last a lifetime. You may be excited for sports, prepared to excel academically. Or energized  to join one of our school's prestigious clubs. Maybe you're prepared to find the love of your life, or even simply make many new friends. As you relax and and enjoy this ride you'll realize that your  fears will soon be put to rest, and you'll  be another dear brother or sister in the Wolverine family.

The golden rule during freshman year is to always be who you are. Never fear that somebody won't like you for your personality, or who you are. It’s best to be yourself than for somebody to find out that the person you were once portraying was actually a fictitious character. Its not all about being “it” . Infact you can't be “it” . Be you. “It” is singular not plural, so there's not much space for those kids who think their it, because at the end of the day only one is voted most popular. Don't waste your time chasing such titles. At the end of the day, you want to look back unto a high school career filled with accomplishments, awards and success. To do so you have to first believe in who you are. I believe you'll certainly do so and you'll soon enough be on your way to a successful and productive high school career.

Personally during my freshman year of school I personally had an okay year, but when I looked back upon my freshman year I realized that I learned two very important lessons, upon the mass of things I learned my first year. One, to stay positive in all circumstance  no matter what I’m facing. Its very important to stay positive, the worst decision you could make for yourself is to be negative all the time, now that you're entering high school, classes will be relatively longer, mentally. Classes will be more rigorous, and learning will be more in depth. More homework, more tests, that is the reality. So knowing the  mountains you're soon to face, climb it positively.  Tell yourself that I'll beat it, I can do this, stay positive and at the end you'll be winning. At the end you'll be finishing your work on time. At the end you'll be acing the tests, and at the end you'll be proud of yourself. The last thing you want is negativity in your boat. Secondly, you want to always start all your classes strong. I realized that when I started the term with A’s it was easier to maintain a high G.P.A, than starting with lets say a C and trying to make my way up. Don't play catch up, stay ahead! As school starts, remember to always put forth your best, the extra effort always counts, start strong so you don't have to work harder later.

There's a lot of things you're going to embark on this journey, many things you're going to learn, and memories you're going to make. But the most important thing is to enjoy this ride. There are endless opportunities awaiting you, Welcome Freshmen.

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