Without Desire

July 30, 2016
By , Bloomfield Hills, MI

I am a human, an imperfect human. Desire is the impetus of our actions, our thoughts, our feelings, our behaviors. I cannot escape the siren calls of fame, fortune, love, pride, honor, importance, beauty, perfection. No, I keep hoping for the day when I own everything, a day that will never come.

I spend all my energy sailing toward the beautiful sirens on the rocks. But I will never touch the shore of that distant, bright land. I’ll drown in the dark depths of the sea below, cold and miserable.

Sometimes I think about the end, of everything. That last flicker of life to sink below the horizon. Will anyone cry for me and hold my hand as I drift beneath the dark blue sea? Or will I die alone?

To think that nothing matters is to free oneself from a prison of desire. It’s a peaceful mode of existence to believe that nothing matters, but at the same time that anything matters.

I am still a human, an imperfect human, after all. Is it possible to simply abandon desire? 

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