You Don't Have My Vote

July 22, 2016
By ISeeStars PLATINUM, Charlotte, North Carolina
ISeeStars PLATINUM, Charlotte, North Carolina
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We need to spend less time talking about Mrs. Trump’s plagiarism of Mrs. Obama’s speech and more of that energy talking about training police offers to control rising situations. It shouldn’t matter who Mrs. Clinton’s running mate is and have that take up 80% of the news when a man was shot for obeying police officers because they couldn’t handle a situation involving persons with a mental handicap. Less talk on nuclear war and more talk about how to lower the unemployment rate. How to get teens, like myself, into college without having to give my most valuable organ to pay off student loans. It is time we begun handling problems in our own country and focus more on the impact it will have on the young adults who are just old enough to vote for the first time. The candidates are turning television into their personal battleground of slurs and misinterpreted information strung together to get a vote. What are their stances on the wage gap, the Black Lives Matter movement, or even the fact most teens will not afford college and therefore may lack economically in the future with the increasing amount of jobs asking for those with a college BA even to work the minimum wage work? The news is not even asking these questions. Mr. Trump spent 28 minutes introducing his running mate that, though important in an election, could have taken less time. His running mate only took 12 minutes. The entirety of those 40 minutes not a single person asked, “does your running mate have any thoughts on Syria?” or, “Is your running mate capable of acting as the executive officer in case of an emergency if it calls for it?” For the past three days the only thing on the news, on social media, talked about at home is Mrs. Trump’s speech she gave at the convention. Though her speech writer might have had something to do with it, she is still a human being who doesn’t deserve to be treated as a meme on the internet. None of the candidates do. Mrs. Trump brought up children. She brought up schools. She brought up reform and how you have to work for what you want. The first I have heard of any of those without it being an advertisement paid by Mrs. Clinton to get her elected. Maybe they need to spend less time convincing people who are strictly women, strictly military, and those who may have no idea what foreign policy is, and start to introduce this to the younger of this generation. We need answers to these movements. We need answers to the killing of our officers. Answers to the recent terrorist attacks. We don’t need nuclear war or someone to go based off of what they might have known several years ago. People and intel change. I want to know that these candidates are ready to make change. Not war, Change. That should be the focus without fault. 

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