Fighting Friends and Choosing Words

July 21, 2016
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We have to choose our words carefully nowadays. One slip and we could lose a friend. They say they’re fighting for equality but they’re really just creating more segregation, and because people are so damn stubborn on both sides of the spectrum, no one knows what to do. You think you are rendered speechless out of surprize? Ha! Maybe the first time around, but we are rendered speechless because because we are choosing our words too carefully. We don’t want them to hurt or offend you. But we know we have to tell you that you’re wrong, or at least how we feel.

We don’t want to fight. We really don’t want to. But we have to, and we will.
I will fight.
And I will not stop.
And I will win.
You told me to think of the voices I’m not hearing today. Well I ask you to listen to the voices you refuse to hear.

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