July 20, 2016
By dania16 BRONZE, Lahore, Other
dania16 BRONZE, Lahore, Other
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“Masks beneath masks until the bare bloodless skull”- Salman Rushdie

World describes face as the most exotic anatomical part of a human body. Its ability to switch countless expression or to remain blank less has continued to awe human.  Such are the musings of the nature. In search for a deeper meaning, face holds more to it.

Face is like a television screen, reflection the inner emotions and war of thoughts going inside our little mind. When words become short to describe the perspective, the person’s silence and the expressions guide the audience to understanding. As a beautiful face and enigmatic smile is the ticket to a greater social circle and has compelled us to become inexpressive minions.

Contemplating Rushdie’s speculation has its own wonders. Connecting face with a mask simplifies the fact that how modernism has ruined our simplicity and turned us into brands for display. Innocence and vitality has been seared away and turned us into white masks; beautifying it, has become our last objective. This has been successfully named as the botoxed or the cosmetized face which has the distinct quality to attract dreamy gazes and be called the “Face of the Party”.

Leonardo’s creation of Mona Lisa is an aspiring example. She lacks the luster of the women of the high streets, yet her face has the energy to make a person stay and try to decode her slight smile which holds Leonardo’s true intentions behind this girl.

Upon changing our gazes, our eyes sets on a beautiful maiden whose face has not yet been corrupted by the hypocritical gaze of the society and her shyness and true beauty is a desirable source of fresh air. One has become so ecstatic by seeing the dummies of the modern world. Such faces remind one of true bloods and goodness left in the world.

Then comes the innocent face of a child devoid of the societal corruptions. The wide grin and the warmth of their small eyes has the effect of melting our hearts away. It lacks materiality and delights one of how much originality it holds.

A person once stated that due to subsequent operations her mother became victim to facial paralysis. For most of us it would want to thwart us from expressing love with our mothers but this person did not undergo such a turning thought facial paralysis never affected their relationship. She stated “the love she had always given to me was not measured against a physical maternal ideal”.

Her words keep ringing in my mind, defending my contemplations from the usual norms of the society. “A beautiful face wins a heart whilst an ugly face wins isolations” is a lesson being bred in our society but it’s time when we counter our mistake and stop judging a man or woman for their social appeal.

The author's comments:

People in our society have various facades to help them survive in their social class or gain the tag of being "socially accepted". It encouraged to enunciate the difference between the face with various masks and one that is human innocence. 

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