March 5, 2009
By SammJae BRONZE, Arab, Alabama
SammJae BRONZE, Arab, Alabama
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"It's not about the money. It's about what I believe in." -Sergei Federov

Some people hate their mothers. Some people never go to know their mothers. Some people would drop everything in their hands for their mothers. But what we don't realize is, regardless of if we have a mother or not, we do have a motherly figure. We all have some woman we look up too, and want to model ourselves after. For some of us, we may have a man who plays 'Mr. Mom' and does great at it! We might look up to even a sibling, or a friend, because you can see how they live their life and try to learn from the mistakes they make!
We all take our biological mothers for granted. Yet she carried us around for nine months, not being able to get rid of us without killing us. She went through many sleepless nights when we were babies because we couldn't stand to be without her, or we were sick, and she let us vomit on her, and she would still love us! Her life change drastically when we were born. It changed her forever. Her work had to be messed up (either having to take on another job, or possibly quitting the one she had) staying up until morning, cleaning up after us, her looks may have changed, and on top of all of that, she still (usually) has your father to love and a life to live.
As we get older, we love our moms dearly as a child, then in our teen year we wave her off like a leave in the wind, knowing that it will stop close by, but not close enough to continue bothering her. Us going into puberty may have been great for us, but our moms sometimes can't stand us, but still love us. Guys tend to want to go to more rougher things, while girls just start PMS.
Then we grow up. We become parents ourselves, then we respect our mothers, for all that they did. Even the motherly figures. They may not have been our mothers or taken care of us from the start, but we can still respect them. All in all, mothers mean a lot, no matter what we might think at the current moment. Love your mother, and your father, unconditionally.

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