Contents of a Gift Box

March 5, 2009
By Anonymous

Sorrowed weeping overcoming his newly fragile life. The painful winter chill sweeps the summer like landscape as the vast howling winds feat their message. The sky bearing gray among the stars was a storm of the century; the blue sky wisely shines the pale moons life. The sun set beautifies the horizon an over the hill left a gorgeous glow. The lights and sounds aching his soul beating his heart more rapidly, her image forcing itself upon his thoughts, her spelling passion burns hot for his love. His body's brittle past haunting and taunting him like a rotted court jester.
He was torn a tangled broken man filled with much regret for the mistakes he made for he learned nothing in his years of experience. Leaking remorse his life now gone. His reason now lost him an empty shell of a man he did now mourn. The sound of 'I love you' her everlasting message reassured him there was still a chance. His hand bear heat for the love of her he still holds close to his heart. She as important as a leaves fall in winter tears now filling his eyes he bears a happy grin 'Happy valentines Day'
I can't give you much but the contents of this box hold the fragments of my being:
My favorite hoody is my soul
My stories are my love
My animal is my joy
And my box is my body

I love you Klarisa and I want you to have it all he writes then closing the box he lets his tears dip on the cardboard. He kisses the top hoping it will reach her.
The clock ticks as he watches patiently only 24,372 hours to go. We'll be a family soon he whispers holding the pentacle I promise''.and I wouldn't lie to you.

The author's comments:
I wrote this for valentines day to my girlfriend

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