Red slowly Turns to black

March 4, 2009
By Elisha gilmore BRONZE, Lubbock, Texas
Elisha gilmore BRONZE, Lubbock, Texas
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Lysander ran down the street, clutching his head with his left hand and his ribs with his right hand. Stumbling around, he could barely see, his eyes slowly glazing over. That was a bad sign for him, panting heavily; he felt his way and mainly made his way toward the hospital by memory more than anything else. As he made his way down the street, he remembered that there was an alleyway that leads straight to the hospital. As he made his way through the alleyway, occasionally tripping on the trash strewn about the ground. He heard footsteps coming fast, and before he knew it, he slammed into what felt like a massive cinderblock, slamming on the ground and feeling suddenly sick to his stomach and vomiting on the ground. After Lysander wiped his mouth, he looked up and saw a burly man, bulging muscles covering his body and hair just touching his shoulders. Lysander was horrified when he realized who it was. It was his father.
His father was a horrible man, who was good at first, took care of his mother and his younger brother, but then killed his mother and brother late in the night and Lysander just barely got out by slipping out the doggy door. He thought his father was dead, apparently not. Pushing himself to a sitting position, he gasped and choked, tasting his own blood. 'Are you my father?' Lysander choked. He heard the man chuckled and reply, 'No. Your father is the one who sent me.' He watched the man crouch down so he was eye level with Lysander. There were scars across his face. Then Lysander realized that the cuts were in the same way that his father cut his brother across the face. Lysander just barely realized that the man was not wearing a shirt and there were scars going the same way his father sliced his brother's chest, and the stabs, in the same places. Breathing in gasps, Lysander heard him say, 'I'm your brother.'

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