March 3, 2009
By Casey Watters BRONZE, Rockford, Michigan
Casey Watters BRONZE, Rockford, Michigan
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What would the life be without sports? It wouldn't be life. It would just be a boring day with nothing to look forward to. Nothing to dream about. Nothing to live for. Nobody to look up to. Nothing to work for. It has the power to change others and the world. Jackie Robinson of baseball, now look at the total population of African Americans in the pros. About 75 % of them are black. Sports can change the way you look at people; it can change the world.

Sports! There are tons of ways you can view the word sports. You can take it as a way to exercise, a way to compete with your friends, or even more than that. You can view it as working toward a state championships and maybe even national championships. It is a way to be social. Meet new friends. You can find people to look up to, like coaches and players. The emotions connected with sports build character. Playing a game versus one of the best teams in the state; can't sleep the night before a big game. In the locker room, nervous to death but pumped at the same time. The place is packed, no seat without a body in it. Student sections rocking, screaming at the refs; jumping up and down. The thrill, the adrenaline of sports.

Sports can teach perseverance. There are times when you never want to go to the gym and work on your game. When you just want to sit back and watch a good basketball game on TV. Turn it to ESPN-The World Wide Leader in Sports. To watch the latest trade talk about your favorite team. Fantasy basketball talk; who to pick up and who to drop. Sports pushes you past that. It gets you up and moving; working to persevere.

There are endless ways you can enjoy sports. I mean come on, what would you do without them. Sports can change your life forever. Look at Allen Iverson, coming out of the hood with barely any money to get to school. Now he is a multimillionaire playing for the Detroit Pistons. Look at the influence of athletes like Muhammad Ali, Michael Jordan, and Jesse Owens. Sports can change the world. Sports are powerful. Sports are life.

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