Five senses

March 3, 2009
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I wake up in the morning to the sound of birds flying over my house. Seeing my fish swim toward the side of his tank waiting to be fed. The smell of pancakes roams through the air. I look to my calendar, when I see today is Saturday I fall back into my bed; thankful there is no school today. I heard my mom call from downstairs that breakfast was ready. Rushing to brush my teeth and make my bed I run downstairs. My brother was already on his third pancake as I sat down. Today is a fine day; a slight snowfall is all the weather man says on the news. I walk to the mailbox to get the mail and wave to my friend next door. I went back inside and went downstairs to play videogames while I had the time.

It was lunch time, and I decided to make Mac and Cheese for lunch. I boiled the noodles, feeling the steam on my face. My brother came into the kitchen and helped himself to the food I prepared. After lunch I walked over to my friend's house to see if he could hang out. On the way over I smelled the melting salt that had been pushed to the side of the road by the passing cares. We decided to go to the sledding hill. I ran home to grab my sled and my brother tagged along. Walking up to the hill it becomes colder. As the wind whipped at our faces our cheeks turned red, swelling with blood to keep our faces warm. When we arrived at the hill we began to build a jump. When we finished I was the first to try it out. I gripped my sled with a tight fist and pushed off. The wind rushed at me as if I was a jet fighter ready for combat. I hit the jump and soared through the air and landed in a whitewash of snow.

We started to walk home, and I thought of making hot chocolate as soon as we got home. I said goodbye to my friend with a wave, and we went inside. I took the hot cocoa mix out of the pantry onto the table and put a mug with hot water into the microwave. As I took out the mug I felt the sharp pain of the heat within the mug and quickly put it on the counter. I released the hot cocoa mix into the mug and went over to the living room to watch TV. I clicked on the TV and changed to channel 29 to see if anything good was on. Cartoons were on so I turned off the TV and went upstairs. I watched the time go by as the clouds moved. It was 6:00 o' clock and time for dinner. The taste of dinner was insane, and I couldn't wait for leftovers.
I roomed upstairs and went to my bed and thought about the day. As I drifted to sleep I remembered sledding and everything in the day.

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