He Said, She Said.

March 1, 2009
By AshleyMShearer BRONZE, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
AshleyMShearer BRONZE, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
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I'm a girl. White. Blonde hair and blue eyes. I've got this gorgeous boyfriend, who no one could possibly hate, but could definitely be jealous of. My friends are the best, and I have those I can trust. Somewhat good grades, but hey, who's to judge? People tell me I'm beautiful, a work of God, even "the gods." Don't be offended I don't know you're denominational beliefs, but I do know that you might forget about this in a few years. Which brings me to tell you what matters.

In twenty years, it won't matter that my skin is white, making me somewhat privelaged in American society, who my boyfriend is at the moment, who my friends are and how many I have at the moment, or that you thought I was gorgeous. As a fifteen year old, your future is what is important- no matter how you look at yourself. As a younger generation, our elders look at us, and don't know what to think because we are different and we're not like what they were when they were our age. We have to prove that we are something in this world, and prove that we can take care of this country, still in it's youth at the same time.

Our priorities are what matter at this point. Take Maslow's Hierarchy List of Need's to Reach Self-Actualization as an example. What comes first on that list of needs is the Physical Stage. You need to fullfill your health needs before you can reach a good self-esteem level. You are what matters right now. People will think that you think the world revolves around you, but, you can only look out for number one.

The point is, you don't want to worry about things that will bring you down in the end. You're future rides on the road right behind you, and you have to make sure there's nothing holding you back from succeeding your goals. So, when it comes to all the he said/she said, try your best to stay out of it, because, it's not what's important. Remember, your future is in your hands then, now, and will always be. So consume wisely.

The author's comments:
This too, shall pass.
-Fred G.

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