our troubblesome

March 1, 2009
By Anonymous

Our troublesome is not that we aren't great .Our troublesome is that we are great beyond how we are ruled.

It is our good, not our bad, that most troubles us.

We sit here and say,
"Why should I be great, smart, articelet, sweet? What else are we going to be? Stupid?

You acting small don't cure cancer
We don't cure s.t.d.s. by shrinking ourselves

We were born to help the world, and
not just obama and Ben Carson all of us
And as we let our strength be strength we silently tell others to do the same

And as we let our strength be the light bulb in a blackout we turn on the flashlight for someone else during a brown out.

The author's comments:
this is orignally our deepest fear but i wanted to make this understanding to my generation since we are going to be most powerful and a few years.

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