The Bathroom Diaries

February 21, 2009
By Brittany summerson BRONZE, Elkridge, Maryland
Brittany summerson BRONZE, Elkridge, Maryland
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Usually when someone goes to the bathroom they take care what they went to do, wash their hands than either go back to class or to lunch. Lately, some have found a new use for the bathroom facilities; their very own canvas to express what is going on with their lives and who they have a problem with. These 'notes' range from why they want to go to Disney land to how much they dislike another student. What is exactly is point of writing on the bathroom wall? Is it that hard to face someone to tell them you have a problem with them? Does writing on the wall truly help you through what's wrong? When thinking about what you could call the 'fad' so many questions arise to why people find this necessary. Why write about how much you hate a guy in the girl's bathroom wall how is he going to see that? Maybe, to some it is so hard to confront others about their problem that they find it important to express it with a sharpie on the bathroom where maybe this person will see it or not. Just maybe these people need another art credit on their schedule to get that extra amount of self-expression out of their system before the next time they need to use the restroom. Whatever the reason is to using the bathroom walls as your own person journal remember confront those you have problems with because one day you might run out of wall space.

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