What do we do?

February 20, 2009
By Kaygirl SILVER, Jasper, Georgia
Kaygirl SILVER, Jasper, Georgia
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We are all different, we have different hair color, different religions, and different opinions. But we are all the same in one detail, we are American. We say the pledge of allegiance knowing of our heroes out there dying for our right to say the pledge. But I think that the american news is the root of our problems, they as a whole seem to enjoy reporting all the bad things that are occuring in America. When what we need to hear is all the good that is occuring. People are fighting world hunger, discovering things that in the future might kill or prevent fatal diseases, I think America's problem is that we have all forgotten what it's like to believe in something. When is the last time you, as my reader, have actually stopped, and thought about all the good things that might be happening at that very moment? A baby is being born, A couple is saying vows, A young girl is experiencing her very first love? So reader, you're asking what do we do? Two words that might not be burned into your soul like they are in mine, We Believe.

The author's comments:
The economy might be bad, The recession at our heels but now more than ever, we need to believe.

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