it your time

February 18, 2009
By Anonymous

To teenagers and young adults everywhere. Life can be so crazy there are so many ups and down that sometimes it becomes more of a job to get through the day than an opportunity. School one of the biggest challenges in our lives has so many things to offer yet so hard to grab. I remember sitting in school not really understanding what my teacher was talking about or what it was that I should have been doing I'm not really sure if it was because I was to worried about the clothes I was wearing, or my hair, or what those other kids were saying about me earlier that morning, or maybe it was because I was to embarrassed to raise my hand and ask a question because other people might think something horrible abut me. Well whatever the case may be I know one thing that's definitely 100% true none of that I mean none of it really matters high school is your time its all about you this is your chance to learn anything you want to learn to be anyone you want to be these years are going to go by so quickly and then that's it you're an adult you don't get to go back maybe your clothes look nice, and your hair looks good, and everyone thinks you're the coolest person around but how do you feel? And what are you going to be now? are you ready for life because its right here and its your time to shine never take for granted that your fully capable of anything you want as long as you give it your best and don't forget that your life may be hard now but there are people who don't have the basic things we take for granted every day health your mind your body everything you have is fully capable so remember if your reading this its your time now forget about what you did or what you thought today is your new day some people make one wrong descion and never get that second chance but if you are reading this you have that chance and you should be all that you were made to be.

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