Epitaph for a fallen friend

February 15, 2009
By Anthony_T BRONZE, Statesville, North Carolina
Anthony_T BRONZE, Statesville, North Carolina
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So as of late I have seemed at a lost for words. I think its because I have the opportunity to say anything and everything that comes to mind. Such thinking is dangerous for one such as me. It makes me think "How will I be remembered?"

Such thoughts are not new to me, they just seem to have become strengthened. With the recent passing of my friend I have gained the affliction of becoming inexplicably sad when I see something that reminds me of him.It's kind of funny I wanted to put dear friend, but truth be told I do not have all to many memories that involve him. Though the ones I do seem to have a profound impact on my life. Now any time I see a black and mild. Morey. A pint of a certain icecream. Morey. A Scripto lighter. Morey. It does make things harder to do. When it seems that every where you turn there is something there that makes you want to cry.

But it all goes to show that maybe I should not let these items make me sad. Maybe in a way the abundance of these items show me just how much he touched my life. It's like every little thing that reminds me, or any of his other friends for that matter, of him is just his spirit saying hey guys I am still with you.

It is these kinds of thoughts that make it easier for the living to live. Inspirational hero, he was not, but a good friend, you would have a harder time finding one.

We will miss you Morey.

The author's comments:
Writing this piece helped me come to grips with my firends death much better then talking to someone else did.

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