February 12, 2009
We are of course a nation of differences. Those differences don't make us weak. They're the source of our strength.
-Jimmy Carter

Diversity is the variety that all things in nature boast. Variety is noticeable in anything: from the wild, ferociously fierce predators to the gentle, serene foragers that Mother Earth hosts, and from the majestic, sturdy, tough, silent trees to the malleable, fragile buds, whispering in the wind, that grow off of her soil's fertility. Variety is even detectable in us, the human beings, who may have the most diversity than any living or non-living thing that exists on this planet. This is true because of the many shapes, colors, and sizes that exist on the outside of our bodies. We are also different because we all have different minds, souls, and thoughts that we want to share, but sometimes can't or aren't allowed to be heard because of racism and discrimination. These flowers represent diversity in such a way that shows they can be different and yet still are able to enjoy each others' thoughts and appearances.

If we didn't have the many differences that all living things share, the world would be exactly the same. Everyone would be identical, and everything we did would become as boring as being inside on a rainy day with nothing to do, because we'd have already done everything there was in a few days; so everything would become the same shade of gray. Eventually the color--even the gray-- would drain out of our lives, leaving nothing but a black and white picture of how we used to live with individuality and distinctiveness. Earth needs to have all of her creatures' amazing colors. She needs to have the vivid jade green forests and the beautiful neon colors that her matchless flowers and shrubs possess along with their honeydew scents and lavender perfumes that they emit. If the Earth didn't have these royal trees and picturesque flowers and the aromatic scents, there would be nothing for us to look upon when we felt gloomy to make us cheerful again, and no aromatherapy wafting from the flowers to make us feel tranquil in times of chaos. Also, if there weren't the squawking, shrieking, singing bird with their exploded rainbow factory feathers, and the cameo furred mammals and murky scaled fish and reptiles, we wouldn't have any companions to remind us that every creature is different, and we should be strutting our styles, rather than trying to become sheep, and follow the one person we think is 'cool' or 'popular'. We should be thinking about what we can do to be original and still like the way we express ourselves.

Diversity is needed to keep our lives amazing and unpredictable; it stops our lives from losing color and turning into a gray and white picture. Diversity keeps our lives from becoming as boring as sitting inside on a rainy day with nothing to do. It lets us be outside on a rainy day, dancing in the puddles of different thoughts, minds, skin tones, and souls. Diversity isn't only needed to look different; diversity is needed to make people feel unique, it makes them feel like there is no one else like them, so they don't feel the need to compare themselves to others like the vainest creature in the world, the pompous peacock. Diversity keeps us special, unique and, most importantly, it makes us who we are.

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