The Stories in My Head

February 11, 2009
By Gina Mueller BRONZE, Flower Mound, Texas
Gina Mueller BRONZE, Flower Mound, Texas
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Scrooge hated Christmas, nothing about it did he care for. His heart was not anywhere and he did not do anything he loved. This made him angry and his life became harder as he tried to go through the days with a gaping whole in his heart. If he were to do something he loved he would no longer have a hole in his heart. That hole would be filled with drive and passion, instead of hate and misery. My passion is music, it's something I love and if I had no way of connecting to it, Scrooge I would become.
Music is something I love. When I listen to music I feel relaxed because all I know is the stories that the lyrics tell. When I close my eyes with the music playing it is like my own personal TV, I see stories and people and I feel calm. I relate music to when you are a little kid and someone tells you a story, it makes you happy, that's what the lyrics in music are to me. When I listen to music, I touch my warm comforting bed as I lay blankly looking at objects in my room. I hear the variations of pitches and sounds as the music changes and I wonder why the song was written. Life is best when it is interesting, a challenge or complication keeps my life interesting. So when I think deeply about music, it becomes my complication.
For many little kids they love Christmas because it is exciting to see all the presents Santa left. Well, Christmas is not the only thing that is exciting. Music is exciting the way the artist makes different beats and the words take and ironic turn. When I have a cheer competition I get excited and pumped up. I love to listen to music before cheer and I'm sure so do many other athletes. You become energized and ready to go, deffinently excited. For me listening to music is like opening the biggest Christmas gift'it's exciting!
Lions and tigers and bears oh my, some scarry things in life are hard to pass by, but if there is a friend there who cares then you always know what to do. Music is my friend, and I know I sound weird saying this but it's true. The messages that in certain songs give advice on how to live you're life. If I feel like I am lost I listen to music and it tells me what I need to hear. Now, who could go on living without a friend in their life?
I love singing and I love cheering but most of all I love my music. In times of need I can listen for help. The different sounds the music plays makes my life interesting. Last but not least I mean come on, who likes a boring life; music makes mine exciting! At the end of the day I love my music, it's very important because without it, I would be Mrs. G. Scrooge.

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smith said...
on Feb. 23 2011 at 12:25 am

it's not weird if u feel like that than don't let people inflence u be a individuality.


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