The Little Things

February 10, 2009
By Kendall Anderson BRONZE, Double Oak, Texas
Kendall Anderson BRONZE, Double Oak, Texas
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People say that the small things in life give you happiness. Sometimes just doing something you love gives you enough gumption to wake up in the morning and go though the motions of a sometimes monotonous day. You know that once the school bell rings, something you love to do is waiting just around the corner. Doing this builds individuality, character, and responsibility. I have realized through loving the game of soccer for nine years that I have learned more than just how to kick or pass a soccer ball around a field.
It all starts with my attitude. I try to be optimistic and be the best I can by setting goals for myself. I know that I want to make a difference in the world someday, and that won't happen by sitting around and not putting forth my full effort. I pick my soccer teammates up if we are losing because, after all, it takes only one person to totally change the mood of the people around you.
I have also learned self discipline. I do whatever it takes to reach a goal. Most nights I am awake until midnight or later working on school work alone so that I can stay on the Honor Roll. Being on the Honor Roll is important for me because when I am a junior and senior in high school, I want to apply to prestigious colleges. Whenever I have five or ten minutes during the week, I am outside either practicing soccer or running a mile around my neighborhood because that is what will make me stronger and prominent, working towards being my best.
Most importantly, I have made life long friendships. I met my best friend at the very first soccer practice I ever went to about nine years ago. I remember talking to her for the first time thinking, 'I want to be her friend,' not knowing we would become best friends. We have been there for each other though all of our hardships, and I wouldn't have ever met her if I didn't play soccer.
Soccer has been a part of my life since I could remember. It has taught me so much, and even though it may be tough sometimes and I want to quit, I always pick myself back up and look forward to practice the next day. Soccer has defined who I am, and I cannot picture myself any other way.

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