Remnants of a Town Well Lived

February 6, 2009
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The love songs that beautiful avian produce, knock at your window along with the sun peeping its rays into your heavenly dreams. It's a sacred moment of purity as you breathe your first satisfying breath of the outdoors. It's here where young children have already begun their infinite adventures of self-discovery, and imagination is unbounded. The silhouettes and shadows of passion and love reside amongst the evergreens where children anxiously once hid their most sacred days. Adults fill their afternoons with planting exotic flowers and soaking up the sun's limitless opportunities in order to adorn the exteriors of the place they call home, their sanctuary. Elderly couples walk hand in hand losing themselves in memories of the past, and marvel at how flourished their lives have come to be. The park resides in the center of this little old town full of laughter and innocent play. Memories remain clandestine and remnant, never evanescent. These amiable faces, these charming personalities, are images of reassurance- of serenity for the days to come, when life in this little old town is no longer, when the youth has moved onto new chapters in their lives.

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