Who cares anyway anymore? Questions that can be answered.

February 4, 2009
By Anonymous

This peice is an original dialogue, inspired by a deceased best-friend and the author's conversation from another "friend" they haven't really known each other for long...but one would think that they were born hand-in-hand (that means they seem extremely close)

A: I don't see the point in living, I'm gonna commit suicide
B: NO! WHAT'S WRONG WITH YOU! you are a wonderful person that was lucky to e alive don't waste it.

A: So what, my life is hell
B: That's what you think, when things go wrong how about you think of the goog you have

A: like what
B: well...your priveldged to be talking to me (some people are "mute"), you have clothes on you (some people have rags literally rags), you have food to eat(some people starve per day), there is at least someone that cares about you (some people are born in families where nothing means anything, love is just a word, but still they manage to live), you can walk (some people are born without legs), your breathing (some people need a machine), you can see (some people have to use their hands and feet to guide themselves), you can move your muscles(some are born with muscles that shouldn't even fall under the category)....you are so lucky and there are millions of reasons why you should keep your life.

A: But nobody would care if I die.
B: YES! ACTUALLY THEY WOULD! there are people that torture you now but if you do that they actually will cry, they would actually become depressed, they would actually miss u.

A: How would you know...why would you care? you barely know me.
B:'Cause I know how it feels to wanna die, I feel your pain...but I know it won't last forever...I know life isn't that bad...i have hope...
and i have lost a friend to suicide before
ever since then to this day...i remember her constantly...it tortures me every night to have to remmeber heras the gurl that never cared about anyone but herself.

cuz that's how one could see it...: why me? how come they did that to me?
well why not you? that's what keeps us strong and that's how we grow! that's what fuels the cycle of life.
unfortunately we have to go through it

A: easy for you to say
B: yes...easy for me to say....just not easy for me to do

B:I just want you to know that I care and it may sound weird cuz i barely know u, but please dont take your life...

A: still not fully convincing me
B: you know...i expect that...but remember how it will affect everyone else around you....remember that your life is valued...maybe not by you...but by others.... you are loved...you may not think it, know it or care, you might not even know who does....but remember it is valued.

A:----I get it
B: I love you mi sis
A: even though we're not blood
B: in my eyes blood is nothing but a liquid...love is stronger and sis, bestie i love you and i don't want to see you hurt yourself
A: Thanx 3ri
B: no probs Gabs

-L-O-V- 3ri

The author's comments:
thought it might help...might encourage those that got questions
and who knows (and as silly as this sounds)...maybe even save their life

-L-O- V- 3ri

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