Home Sweet Home

February 3, 2009
By Joan Zhang BRONZE, Houston, Texas
Joan Zhang BRONZE, Houston, Texas
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'There's no place like home,' I though to myself quietly as I remembered the well known phrase. Home sounded like such a warm word that reminded me of what I had. As daylight slowly declined, every part of nature looked like a blur of color from the tears growing in my eyes, which showed the world my sadness. I felt abandoned and incredibly lonely as I slowly roamed the sidewalks of my neighborhood. After senseless minutes of pacing around, I tried to remember inside how I got myself in this mess in the first place. Few memories I had were fragments of anger and frustration, but as I walked forward, the past slowly flew back into my mind reminding me of the horrid choice I had made so hastily. Slowly, the event was crystal clear, and I pieced together the misfortune I had destined for myself.

The yellow hummer limousine sluggishly slowed down at the first stop. Blazing off the school bus, I had one thing in mind, and that was to get to the computer first. Quickly, I ran into the house and into my room at lightning speed, which unfortunately was not quick enough. There, sitting in my room at the computer was none other then my arch nemesis. I felt the steam of frustration blowing out of my ears, as I kindly asked my younger brother to move out of the chair. Without any strain, he refused, and said nothing else. Red seemed to color the walls, and suddenly hatred overcame my once semi-calm mood. My emotions soon turned for the worst, and I was feeling so upset in the unjust of the world. Now, there seemed to be only one way, to use force. Everything following was a domino effect, as I carelessly took a plastic golf club and swung wildly at the target. The target of course, was my brother's head. Suddenly I heard the golf club strike against his cranium, as the sound was followed by a scream of revolting pain. The high pitched screech could be heard from miles away as it echoed into my mind, taunting me with its 'you're in trouble' sound. I saw my brother spring up from the chair and dash out to tattle to the greater authority, our parents. In immediate reaction, I knew I had done an asinine task and quickly packed my important belongings. Without further thought to the matter, there would be no other way to escape punishment than to run away.

All clear was mentally given as I headed out the door without being seen. Escaping my room was a hard task, as a peeked around corners to beware danger of my parents. Each 'snap' caused my head to turn as I quietly tip-toed away. Finally, I yanked open the front door and dashed out. Walking out into reality caused mixed feelings of anxiety and nervousness. The smell of anticipation was in the air, as I headed out as an individual. I looked around feeling very mature being around alone. Colors of the world became much more vibrant and everything became brighter momentarily. As I waltzed around neighborhood without care, the pressure of getting in trouble was lifted from me. Here I strolled, without parents, an annoying sibling, and no care in the world. If anything could describe this feeling, it would be freedom.
After going in circles around the neighborhood for quite a while, I began to feel homesick. My tears blotted my vision as I began to slowly emotionally deteriorate. If I decided to head home, I would be an injured soldier surrendering. Brothers were liable to exaggerate and mock, and showing the white flag to a sibling is the biggest 'no-no' for I was certain of my desperate fate afterwards. However, without going home, nightfall would bring many more dangerous challenges. Being the worrier that I had always been, the dark was an element that scared me far worse than any punishment my parents could come up with. Despite my previous problems with acting to fast, I actually gave this conflict much thought. Determination told me to stay where I was, but my conscious told me there was no place like home. Feelings that I had of nervousness when I left home soon found its way back as I finally decided to head home. On the way, the world dimmed and became a dark and stormy evening. My soul had given in, and I headed towards home, hoping for the best.

The front door lay before my eyes. Slowly, I turned the knob, as each second felt like hours, and pushed the door open to reveal the predicted. There before me were my parents and a sobbing younger brother with a somewhat swollen bump on his head. My parents began lecturing me on the danger of running away from home. Sighing silently, I began to space out the obviousness of my parent's speech. I felt incredibly immature and regretful as I heard my parents say how much they had worried about me. After many long hard stares from both sides of the battle field, I received the punishment of a grounding and much scolding. I felt disappointed in myself as I heard my parents continue lecturing on in their firm voices. The worry that was in their face, caused me to feel guilt, but soon relief spread in their expression calmed me. Running away from home never became a problem after that incident due to mainly my own personal fear, but also a bit from my parent's disappointment in me. Unfortunately, I have still continued to make the same mistake of being too quick in action and slow in thought, but no longer will I ever run away from home.

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