Never Land

January 28, 2009
By Tiffany S BRONZE, San Mateo, California
Tiffany S BRONZE, San Mateo, California
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Everyone thinks that Never Land is a place that's grand where your life doesn't expand and where you don't have to go through life according to plan and even the smallest person can be the smallest one to stand and the smallest thing you don't have to understand you can be your own biggest fan and no one will judge you on whereyou stand because no matter what you do everyone will be cheering out "YES YOU CAN!", all because you live in Never Land.

But what happens when you're tired of staying the same age and in Never Land isn't where you want to stay because you finally realized that you WANT to grow old and gray because that's the way life was made and God made and meant for it to be that way and that's the way that everyone's lifestyle should stay because the way of life should NOT be changed no matter what your heart might say and now you're stuck staying that same, all because you live in Never Land.

What if one day you finally find someone you love and they don't live in Never Land and they live somewhere else above and when you tell them to go with you to Never Land they won't know what you're speaking of no matter how hard you try they won't stay young and when you want them to go with you thay won't come and the paing will never be gone because since you're life will never be done you're going to have to live with the pain until you finally could have won you can never get married to someone you love there's no chance you can have a daughter or a son you're going to try to find a way to escape and you're going to find that there is none, all because you live in Never Land.

You've finally realized that one day you want to pass to the other side because you don't want to live without someone you love by your side and every night when you feel like you want to cry there isn't going to be anyone trying to make you feel better with all their might no one to keep you warm at night no one to see someone hurt you and start to fight when you're in the darkness no one to bring you your light no one to help you anywhere in sight there's no point in living forever if you're going to be alone youre whole life, all because you live in Never Land.

I'm alreay lovin how I'm living my years losing the ones I love is my only biggest fear I already found the one I love that has never made me shead a tear I accept the fact that one day my end will be near as long as the ones I love I am near the one that I love very dear my destiny is ver yclear that one day my end will be near even though it's not something I love to hear but as long as I get to stay with the ones I hold dear I know what one day is going to hit me here I'm happy being mortal and being with the ones I LOVE everyday of ever year, all because I DON'T live in Never Land.

The author's comments:
This poem was actually inspired by my boyfriend Anthony[I Love You]. Because we were talking about how one day we want to get married to each other, and how we want to grow old with each other. And this is how this poem came up. =)

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