The Box

January 25, 2009
By Aubrey Vanderstow, Lake City, MI

The box sits in the corner of my room. It’s not fully decorated yet, nor is it anywhere near full. It holds four things at this moment, and these four things mean a lot to me.
My second purity ring, sister stole my first and the second one got cracked for being weathered to much, was the first thing I put in there. My purity ring means a lot to me, and it has a lot to do with this box in general.
My favorite book, The Outsiders by S.E. Hinton is also in the box. This book has been my favorite for five years, and really holds a lot of sentimental value to me. I guess I put it in the box so that I could show how my personality was.
The third and fourth things are very similar, in the fact that they are both letters. They were written on different days, and have different context to them, but they both are too the same person. Soon there will be more letters to this person in there.
More things will be added to this box over time, maybe some of my favorite things, or some words that have meaning to me. I’m not sure of all the things I will put in that box, but I know someday it will be full.
You’re probably thinking at this time that this box is a version of a time capsule. In a way you’re right, except this time capsule isn’t going to be found by anyone, and it’s not for me.
You see about two weeks ago we were at youth group discussing the chapter we had been working on, and in the chapter it had mentioned making a box or something similar. My best friend has been writing letters at least once a month and I thought the idea was cool so I started to do it as well.
This box isn’t just a storage box; this box is a sentimental box, a box that I shall eventually give someone else. Are you wondering who this person is? This person is the person who will mean the world to me.
This box is to my future husband, whoever he may be. I don’t know if I’ve met him yet or not, but I know that one day I will give him this box. That one day maybe he will understand how much I love him.
Maybe he will understand things about me that I could never tell him. To me this box is like a 3D journal of a sort, but in the end it won’t be mine to remember or to have. I think this box will help me a lot in the future, to understand who I am and to help me get through the bad times.
Whenever I look at this box, I will know that I’m making the right decision in waiting for the right man to come along, before I fully give myself to him, in marriage. I’ve seen a lot of marriages that have ended by badly, but I know that if I wait I will find my Prince Charming, who is the perfect man for me, and my one true love.
Someday, I hope I will be able to help my daughter or maybe some other girls make a box like mine, or even help them understand why I made my box.
I cannot wait until the night of my wedding day, when I am able to give my future husband this box, because then I will know that life is going to be okay.

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