January 23, 2009
By Sandra Viguerias BRONZE, Fontana, California
Sandra Viguerias BRONZE, Fontana, California
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We’re all looking for something, for some of us; it’s as simple as love. For most of us we search the complex answer to the question, “Why am I here?”

I believe we all have a purpose in life. It may be just one reason, or two, but only time can answer that. What I do know is that while we are here, we are the prey or the predator.

When we are vulnerable and afraid to live, we think we need guidance. We let ourselves get carried away by a pretty smile or a great sense of humor. As prey, we’re incapable of living on our own. We feel as though we need the companionship of someone special, whether it’s just a friend or a partner. Only that person can help us, or in my case. . . break us. Pretty soon we start depending and believing that person so much, it could kill us. Maybe not literally, but internally.

There are plenty of people who spend their lifetime searching for “The One.” (The one who’ll make you smile for absolutely no reason.) And when you think you’ve found him, you give him your all. Your time. Your Liberty. Your Life. Your pursuit to happiness, because you honestly and truly believe that he is your “everything.”

Of course, he is aware of this the entire time. He takes advantage of your weakness, and when the time is right. . . he attacks, taking away your everything. The predator, as a hunter, is clever, witty, and even arrogant. He understands that without him, we are lost in a world of chaos.

He roams the earth, like any other human. The difference is that he is an individual who lives off the weakness of his prey. What most of us do not realize, is that he needs us more than we need him. Without us, there is no one to make him also feel needed... wanted. . . desired. Once I’m gone, he’s alone. He was so used to being depended upon, that when I have vanished, he’s lost. Then the tables get turned.

I am now the predator.
And he is my prey.

The author's comments:
I intentionally left this work untitled so that you can interpret it in your own words, I did not want to give it a theme.

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