Rumors Are Evil

January 22, 2009
By Joshua Arce, Aurora, CO

We all know why rumors are spread, and if you don’t, let me tell you. If someone you know doesn’t like you or just has nothing to do were to start saying bad things about you, it’s, for the most part, not true. He or she tells one person something, then that person talks to another, and it just becomes a rumor. What this does to you is sometimes it ruins your reputation in school, and some people might not talk to you anymore. The sad thing is that you may not even know why until one of your true friends tells you. When you finally find out what people are saying, you might get really mad, sometimes people might get into a fight. But, in my opinion, it’s not even worth fighting over a rumor. So now you know what rumors can do to a person.

Rumors can be spread about anyone. You could be the most innocent person in the school and still be a victim of a rumor being spread about you. I personally think that rumors are a waste of time. It’s just something that people do in school just to cause drama because they might not be having the most interesting day at school. Maybe you are the quiet one in school. I know your thinking, what are they talking about, if they’re so quiet, why would people bother them? Oh but they do; they always have some stupid rumor to tell that has nothing to do with that quiet person.. But once they add your name into the situation, you are officially in a rumor. If I where that person I would just leave it alone because rumors aren’t worth getting in trouble. Because if you were o get mad, people would be interested and they might try to instigate because they want to see a fight. So just remember, there’s always someone out there that will start a rumor about you, so watch out.

If you think that a rumor has been spread about you, you can’t just think that the person that you don’t get along with started it. It might be the person who is sitting right next to you. What I mean is that your friend, best friend, girlfriend or boyfriend, or a person you don’t know and have never met could have been the one that started the rumor. Sometime you would never catch the person who started the rumor because you would have never, for a second, thought that it was your friend, because that’s your friend. Your friends would never tell you, which means they weren’t really your friends to begin with. Maybe it’s your ex girlfriend that says something about your girlfriend. If that was what happened, you would have to deal with it with a different perspective. I mean what would you do in that situation? Well you should tell your girlfriends, “ There just trying to get me mad, because I’m with you.”. There it’s solved. Just remember, anyone can spread rumors, even the people you think you know really well. In conclusion, the examples that I have put shows that you should try to stay out of rumors. You should just have fun with your friends. Don’t worry about all of the rumor stuff in school. Its just something that happens in your school, so watch out!!

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