Listen to me for a Change

January 22, 2009
By Danielle Martin, Booneville, AR

I wish people would just listen to me. They believe that since I'm only 15, everything I say is unimportant. Which is not true. Some of the worlds greatest minds are from the younger generations. The only problem is, we hide our minds until we get old because we are taught to wait. To try and stay young forever, to try and not grow old. But as an individual I used to believe the hardest thing in life, was growing old. It wasn't until I did turn 15, that I started understanding this world for what it really is. And not for what people pretend it to be. I sit here now, and I type this information word by word with my own fingers. I have to think about what I want people to know, before saying it. But even then, they could care less on what I must say. I know there are alot of other teenagers my age who also feel the same. Who only want to be heard. Ones who have a mind of their own. Something funny, is that adults don't understand us very well. Us, as in the younger generations. They actually believe that we don't deal with stress. That we get up and go to school, as if it's as easy as eating candy. But the truth be told, it's not. Being young and beautiful is just as hard as being old and wise. No, we may not have to deal with bills but we do deal with what we can do in the future to pay our own bills. Our parents and guardians tell us not to turn out like them, yet when we try and tell them what we would like to be they seem less interested than a three year old would. They tell us that the real world is hard, and we'll never make it with dreams stuck between fantasy and reality. But what I don't understand, is because I am 15, nothing I say seems to affect anyone. It's like I'm invisable, and the world can see right through me. Right through my thoughts, my ideas, my hopes and my dreams. Like as if they were thin air, something we breath in to live, but never notice how important it is until it's gone. Which is exactly my point. No one cares who I am. Yes, my family and friends love me, and they care for me. But they don't know the true me. They don't take the time to actually listen to what I might say, and to actually take consideration in what I think. But if I were to die right now, or tomorrow, they would give more thought on it then. They would remember all the times I tried to tell them, and feel guilty because they never listened. But why then? Why pay attention to us individuals with great minds, after we are gone? Why not when we are still alive, so you can help cheer us on and make us believe we can acheive more. But instead, we do as we are told. And we wait, and wait and wait. We wait to explore our minds, and our abilities until we are old. And then by the time we do explore our minds, we give up in such little time. We forget to remember the good, yet we cherish the bad. We wait to fade into the shadows of the older generations. To hide from life, and the opportunities that we are given throughout our lifetime.

The author's comments:
I wrote this article for teens my age who just want to be heard! It's time we stand up for what we belive in, and show this world who we really are.

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