So This Is Love?

January 22, 2009
He places his hands around my waist, and sweetly kisses my cheek. My stomach clenches, and jumps up into my heart, which is beating a hundred time a minute. He tells me he loves me, and my throat tightens. I struggle to find words to express my feelings. There are no words. It feels as if love is a weight that is placed on my chest, making each and every breath pleasantly deep. His effect on me is calming. His voice lulls over the phone, sending me into the sweet delirium of my love for him. I know the force of attraction we have between us. I know something is different from my other crushes, something special. When I look up, his eyes meet mine, and I see the twinkle of his love there. He holds my hand, squeezing it frequently to show he remembers I am there. To have him hug me, his arms encircling my body, holding me close, letting me know he will always be there. He holds my head close to his heart, and I know. I know love is he greatest feeling I have ever experienced.

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