Our Countries Secrets

January 21, 2009
By Thomas Love, Kalamazoo, MI

Who knows what secrets our government and its agencies keep from us? Shouldn’t it be our right as American citizens to know the truth about what happens within and outside our country that involves us? Tonight I attended a lecture about the CIA by a former agent hoping that I would learn about the action and the James Bond’s inside America. Before attending this lecture I was anxious hoping I would find out some information about different conspiracy theories such as the JFK assassination but, I was wrong. During this lecture the former agent spoke about the CIA’S history, background, and structure. He also mentioned the many false depictions that the film industry portrays. But he did admit that some of the depictions hold true. The speaker also informed us on leadership among the agency and how it may change with a democratic president. As you can guess all of this was very boring and heads nodded endlessly. Then finally the speaker allowed us to ask questions. One student asked how much of the so called “spy” aspects that we view in films are true about CIA agents. Well the speaker replied, “There aren’t many Jason Bournes running around and the only people that carry guns are the security guards at Langley and officers in war zones.” But I knew he was lying, obviously the CIA has Jason Bournes running around and won’t admit it. He did mention that the only so called spies were the people that they recruited in foreign countries to gather intelligence information for them, but foreigners cannot always be trusted because they could be double agents. So it would make sense to have Jason Bournes. Not only should the CIA have Bournes throughout America but over seas as well. So for all the kids that just saw the Bourne series for the first time don’t worry. You could someday be the next Jason Bourne.

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