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January 21, 2009
By lmp416 PLATINUM, Brockton, Massachusetts
lmp416 PLATINUM, Brockton, Massachusetts
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2008 was a year of change. Especially when it came to the presidential election. A year when a woman and a man with African American heritage ran for president.

As a teenager living in the United States this was very inspiring for me, as well as most of my peers. This election got more attention than others at least when it came to young people. The turn out on election day was amazing. To be honest I wish I was of legal age so I could have been an actual part of helping bring this man to office.

This election represents change. Not because of skin color or gender but because of the person underneath that. Barack Obama seems to be one of the most down to earth presidents. He doesn’t make you feel like you are inferior to him. He’s just like any normal guy. If I had an opportunity to meet a famous celebrity or President Obama I would without a doubt choose to meet Obama.

Now that the barrier has been broken for an “ideal president” I believe anything is possible. If you have a dream then work toward it and don’t give up, no matter how many people say you won’t make it. If you believe in something then fight for it until someone listens, because sooner or later somebody will listen. All it takes is one person to make a difference.

I hope that after awhile this new presidency will bring our country even more together than it has since November 4, 2008. I hope that it makes people not judge one another on physical appearance but on what the people have in their hearts. Barack Obama gives us hope for the future. Kids can now look up to him, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, and even Governor Sarah Palin, and say “Hey, they can do that. Why couldn’t I?” Anything is possible. Change is possible. I’m glad to have witnessed this election and can’t wait for the future with this inspiring man as our President of the United States.

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