January 14, 2009
One thing I’ve noticed about kids and people in general, is they all hide behind masks yet they judge others all the same. I’ve especially noticed it around my school, “Laredo Middle School”, it seems as is it’s a new sport, but its not one I’d watch.

I’ve never understand why people judge others, but if they didn’t………. there would be a lot more understanding in this life. While some judge, others hide, behind masks that hide who they really are, show who others think how they should be instead of who they think they should be.
As I went through school today I asked some students and teachers what they thought of the judgment kids gave out on a daily basis. Mrs. Pacheco a Laredo foren language teacher at Laredo said “I honestly think that while kids judge others they lose the chance to make new and more interesting friends” and frankly I agree with her. Mr. Mavity agreed with her statement as well and said something very similar. “I think that with judgment comes more judgment, people only think of themselves and tease others because of how they hide when really their hiding themselves as well.”
When I asked the other kids around my school I didn’t get a very wide Varity of answers. All I mainly got was “oh I think it bad” or “no it’s not cool”, but how much do you
Wanna bet that the people who answered to my question judge others all the same?

Yes I admit I judge people as well, who doesn’t, but I don’t think of them as dorks or freaks or the poplars. I judge people by how they act towards others and how they carry themselves. What I think are things like “that person looks like he/she could use a friend or someone to talk to.” Or “he seems nice, maybe I should say hi.”
That’s all I really think about others. As I said before its all in how you carry yourself……wouldn’t you agree?

A lot of the people I know carry themselves like a person should, like their proud of who they are and they act like they don’t take the teasing a lot of kids get, I’m the same, yea I get teased but it for that very reason, it’s because I’m proud of who I am and who I want to become as an adult. I say that hiding who you really are is like being at a Halloween party; people hide their faces behind masks.
Do you hide behind a mask?
Well if you do, take it off and show who your really are, don’t be afraid of how others think. It shouldn’t bother you! Seriously people get over it, people will judge you’re showing who you really are or not, it happens.

And honestly don’t try to hide it. You are the same as me, my friends, and everyone else in the world, you judge. You may do it differently then most people, you may do it differently then even I do, but you judge others all the same.
I’m not saying its good and I’m not saying It’s bad, all I’m saying is…… try and judge the right way. Judge by what’s inside their minds, their sprits, that’s all.
Oh and one more thing… Be careful on who and how you judge, it just might backfire on you.

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