January 14, 2009
Ever wonder what your life could have been like? What may have happened if you were friends with different people or made different choices. As we lie in bed at night, we wonder what could have been. What could have happened if I had talked to him? What could have happened if I had told them how I really felt? Life’s too short to get stuck in the past. We can’t hold on to things after they’re gone. You can’t leave the dead flowers in the vase because you loved them when they were fresh. You have to have the courage to toss them out and know that there’s a million other flowers in the world that are equally as beautiful even if not in the same way. It’s amazing how, as humans, we’re able to fall in love so easily—whether it be with a bouquet of flowers, your favorite TV show or another being. We’re constantly falling in and out of love; just trying to keep up with the roller coaster we call life. But, we trust that we’re going to make it to the end of the ride. At times you hate it and others you love it. As your car climbs to the top of the first big hill you know you’re about to drop. You see it coming. It’s never unexpected. And as you race towards the ground on the fastest, highest coaster in the park you hold on to your seat and scream. You scream because you’re falling and there’s nothing you can do about it. We know that we’re going to come back up, but for that moment you feel nothing but the helplessness of being strapped into this tiny car. You’re stuck and no one can help you. As the coaster continues to corkscrew, twist, and turn you laugh, cry, hope, wish, and scream. The ride isn’t going to stop because you’re scared and when it’s over you’ll have nothing left but the memories of it. So, make your ride something worth remembering. Take chances. Get in line for the most terrifying rides because you never know how perfect something may turn out to be. Forget all the fears that are holding you back and treat each ride as it if it was your last.

Let go and enjoy the ride.

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