Every New Beginning Comes With Some Other Beginning's end

January 14, 2009
By Annie Zahour, Barrington, IL

When we first meet someone and start building a relationship, we never once think that one day it could all be over. As we grow closer to this person, we wonder how it was we ever lived without them and pray that we will never have to again. We turn to them in both our darkest and brightest hours knowing they will share in our heartache as well as our joy.

But, what happens when that day comes. That day we don't call them because we feel an unfamiliar distance from them. Sometimes, we don't know where this distance comes from while other times it's clear as crystal. Maybe the two of you are just growing apart or maybe they've found someone else to bury their secrets in and you've suddenly fallen to the sidelines becoming second best.

At first, we try to ignore it because maybe if we pretend that everything is the same as it has always been, then magically it will revert to that summer day when everything was perfect. But, it's not going to go back as much as we may will it to do so. An invisible barrier has been built and we can't seem to find the door to get to the other side.

Feeling trapped, we continue to try and hold on to this relationship we have come to care so much about. We are fighting with ever ounce of energy we have to keep ourselves in the picture even if that means fading to a face in the back round.

You both feel the tension behind every word exchanged but, neither dares acknowledge the strain for then we would be forced to face the real issue that started this all. So, we sit and watch as this person we care so deeply about slips right through our fingers. The first few times we see them falling we quickly snatch them up into our arms but as they continue to slip away we wonder why it is they're not trying to hold on.

And for the first time, we have to take reality for what it really is. It's as if, for that moment, time stops. We know what we must do but struggle to do so. And painfully, we look at our relationship, set it down, and reluctantly back away.

We don't leave because we want to say goodbye, we leave because we don't know what else there is left for us to do. It's never easy to walk away. It may be one of the most difficult things any one of us will ever have to do. We know that we will never be able to find a new happiness until we move on. So, we brush back the tears, pull our heads up, and get ready for the next big adventure. Watch out world because here we come.

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