where i come from

January 13, 2009
They are the only ones who knock heads. I am the only one who doesn’t understand it. Two knocking heads that cause head aches, and frustration. Two who do not belong together, but they did. Two who once loved, but have forgotten each other. From my eyes I can feel the tears, but it’s just not the same without them.
Their frustration is truthful. They send serious Goosebumps through my body. They show tears and anger that makes them want to stay together between the fights and love that make the body shake with violet stress. This is how it shows.
Let the one forget the regrets, they will be like a page ripped out of a book, each with memories of each other. Never, never, never let each other go. I cry
When I am too depressed and too sad to keep smiling, when I am a lone in the dark, then it is them that knew it was wrong. When there is nothing left to look at in the past. Two who never made it through together. Two who will forget each other in the future. Two who will move on, and move on to a new family.

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