Defy defined

January 13, 2009
By Adora Lee, Lebanon, NH

f everything I say or think is opposite from the truth of reality because I am not aged to a high degree of understanding, then those whom have bloomed and withered beneath the weight of time are not young enough any longer nor will ever be again, to experience the timeless knowledge it yields. For in their logic their creed denies age of concepts. But this questioning to the barrens of authority, this experience of art, is just as meaningless as beautiful things are held to be. It is to be forgotten, crumpled, and chewed on by those in inscrutable power to show the mastery of their control over such disobedience. No matter how small the act may be represented, the inner conflict arises to extremes and reacts in so. I have dreams fantasizing nirvana, where a fixation on more beautiful days where both adolescent and adults minds may be superior and rest in peaceful tranquility, is stable. But in reality, just as any conquering concept dominates the inferior… Any change never accomplishes validation of it.

Your life’s problems are persistent because you a passive pessimistic. As you channel your frustration through nihilism, you get nothing done… Philosophy only adds complication to previously overwhelming events that offer no guide to satisfy a way to know how to survive them. Moral restrictions bound to conscious abide through a filter of these chains called values. If only to be barbaric…

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