Dear Grandparents

January 13, 2009
By Karl Held, Hartland, WI

I am writing this letter because there are countless thing you have done for me throughout my life that I need to thank you for, even though I wouldn’t be able to fit all of my gratitude into one letter I am going to try my best. First thing I want to thank you for is how you guys always watched out for and took care of me when we were together. All the times you took Warren and me camping, whether it be up at the hunting cabin or a campsite; you both did everything you could to make sure that every second of the stay was enjoyable.

Grandma, you would prepare feasts for every meal, even if it was only an afternoon snack. In fact I think the only times I have put on weight from food was staying with you and having cookies and ice cream everyday. You were always nearby with bandages and kisses when one of us would get hurt, which happened quite frequently. Anything from bruises and scratches due to a bike crash or bee stings from when I hit that ground nest with a stick, you always knew what to do.

Grandpa, you would saw logs and drag firewood with us, even if you ended up doing all the real work Warren and I still felt like we were hard working men. You would teach us everything from respecting nature to shooting a rifle, giving me my first rifle and letting me hunt with you in your tree fort of a stand both mean a lot. We would go four-wheeling and you would teach me about the different trees and plants while we rode and walked through the woods. One walk I especially remember was when you and I went out early to the bear bait and watched a mother bear and her cubs eat. In a situation like that I thought I would be terrified but I knew I would be safe because you were with me.

So thank you both for being such great grandparents and always being there for me.

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