January 13, 2009
By Chris Suchocki, Sussex, WI

In our lives we come across many different people and experience many different situations. Most of us don’t scrutinize every detail of life, but everything and everyone we encounter molds us and changes us into who we are this very moment.
Since I have such a small family, we are very close knit and I am often given astute advice about life. They aren’t telling me how to live; it is an amicable display of care and concern. I know I can trust in them. All the guidance my family has given me has been of great use, although originally it may have seemed ineffectual.
Even though I have been raised by my entire family, without a doubt my parents influence me more than anyone else. They always know what’s best for me; even if their opinions seem vexatious at times. I tend to loath their direction because I am still young. Slowly I’m learning that my parents are not on a nefarious mission to bring me down all the time. They do what they do because they know its right. They’re only trying to help me succeed, and I should heed their advice.
It’s impossible to be raised only by one or two individuals. Life is a group of lessons learned over time. Everything we do and everyone we meet has a small, but significant piece to life and it’s important to always recognize this because everything has value.

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