Seasons And Challenges

December 8, 2008
By Amber Currier, St. Albans, VT

Hi, I am Carry. And I have lived in Vermont all my life. My life in Vermont hasn’t always been the best, but hey, it’s the Green Mountain state of Vermont, things change all the time. I believe that no matter where you live there is always adventure and me, I just found mine right here. Adventure I say, what is that really? To me adventure is something that just happens to one person unexpectedly not knowing when, where or who will be involved.

I am sixteen, born in 1992, and lived here all my life, but I must say if it was not for Vermont, and its seasons I wouldn’t be where I am today. Vermont it’s not always a vacation spot it doesn’t always support you in they ways you would like. You see growing up as a little girl I didn’t have the best family. My parents were well, what you can say, a little crazy. Secret: that’s an understatement. Anyway, at the age of two I was put into foster care, which is a bummer for the people know what that’s like. And that’s the first time I had a thought about Vermont. I thought “What’s wrong with these people?” But, hey, I was only twp or three. Did it really matter what I thought? But in that moment is when I really experienced my first winter. Cold alone and unable to communicate they way I would of hoped. Lost unknown like a little boy or girl lost in the woods and have been lost for so long that people just give up hope and stop looking. Even though I was going through all of these things I wasn’t going to be the stick in the mud any longer. Before my life decided to change I had to finish out my winter so I could get to spring , but in the mean time I was tossed around foster homes, and going through hell. (There is really no other way to describe it) I was separated from my mom who I thought was supposed to be my best friend, my dad, who was in jail at the time, my brother, Adam, my best friend, and Andrew. I will tell you more about them later on.
After about five years in foster care, going back to my mom, and leaving her, and going leaving, it really got to me I was so frustrated, I could just shrivel up into a ball and stay there forever, Vermont and its wonderful qualities brought me yet another curve ball, like the first one wasn’t enough. I was about six and a half now. My life was turning again when I was brought to this place. It was called SRS at the time. Now it’s DCF, (Department of Children and Family Services.) I was supposed to meet yet another family, I was living with my mom again and I was attached I didn’t want to leave. Who can blame me? I was just a little girl and what little girl wants to leave her mom. I was pulled again to this new family. I must have thrown the biggest fit in the world... I was screaming kicking and swearing up a storm. Once I was put into my foster mom’s car, I smashed my Barbie off the window, I don’t know why. That was my most favorite Barbie in the world. But once down the road I calmed down and I was okay I was safe. Now I was about seven and a half I was forgetting about my real mom and moving on but everyone knows even me that I would never forget. After a year went by I was eight I was being told I was going to be adopted. I remember when I first arrived at this family’s house once I got there I was fine I remember that my foster mom told me that she had a husband and I was excited I was going to have a dad, well a pretend dad any way I waited and waited until he got home sat right in front of the window until he got there once I saw I ran and hid under the bed. Not because I was scared but I wanted to be a surprise. But my foster mom thought that I was scared and she hadn’t told her husband that I was coming and didn’t know I was hiding on him kina of like cat and mouse. Anyway after a while I came out and met him things were great. Now I guess I am a daddy’s little girl, but that’s when Vermont swung me my biggest curve ball ever and I was sure to be catching this one. People go through things liken this everyday, curve ball after curve ball, its like going through baseball seasons sometimes you have good ones then other times you have bad but when you open up stand your bad season streak ends your winter melts away and your spring blooms.

Now I am sixteen. I have a great family. I still live in Vermont and I now have had a home for the past ten years. I have a mom, a dad, and a very annoying sister who I love. She was adopted as well.
I am glad I caught that last curve ball because with out it and Vermont with its wonderful people, I might not have this great life. After nine years of being separated from my brother, I just found him and my brother Andrew I found out after living him he was my twin but died after a couple days of being born R.I.P Andrew. I hope Vermont and I are not done with each other I hope not, I am not saying I will live here forever but I am grateful for the time I have.
And I hope that I and my adventures with Vermont will never stop.
This was my reason of what’s the most important thing about life I Vermont. (Seasons changes and life)

The author's comments:
I was inspired to write this by a writing proompt given by my english teacher. And i hope what people get out if this that people have many changes in life and even though they are not so good, it will get better. And everyone can learn fromt that.

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