I'm Me

December 6, 2008
I'm different, unique. I do as I please. People tell me otherwise, but should I listen? Just become like everyone else in the human race? Be tied in with everyone else, and let them choose my each and every aspect? My hair, my clothes, my speech, all the way down to my walk? Or do I cut the tie that holds me to them? And walk freely to be myself and not be another shadow looming along with all the others who were created from criticism? Be a person whom is locked up tight in my own body and the key to far gone for me to find? No. I will not let others make me, choose who I am and strip me bare. Then re-sculpt me like I'm just another piece of art, a caption of what I had been made as. So I will be living my life by playing dead. I don't think so. While others walk, I will skip. When they grin I shall smile widely. As they make nasty comments, I will laugh and say thank you . When they look toward the stars, I shall be out there chasing after them. I will be free to be who ever I want and not be held down by the shackles of others. I will live for today and not the next, and savor every moment of life. I'm going to choose whoever I want to be. And the person I choose is me.

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becky123 said...
Mar. 6, 2009 at 1:47 am
i love this =]
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