January 27, 2016
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arroomii BRONZE, Riyadh, Other
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What's your value(s)?

Value, what is it?

Noun: the regard that something is held to deserve; the importance, worth, or usefulness of something. A set of belief, morals, and ideas. Values help build character and personality.


What did Frederick Douglass Value?


"Once you learn to read and write you will be free forever" - Frederick Douglass


While reading "Learning to read and write" by Frederick Douglass, I was able to see through his eyes what it really felt like to be a slave and how important education really is. I was also able to see what how much Douglass valued education.

Douglass started off with a basic education from his house mistress but when she turned against him he had to teach himself and climb over obstacles to succeed. Frederick Douglass valued education very much because through this ability he noticed the inhuman way that slaves were being treated. Through reading he became fully aware and began to question why this is happening, rather than just accepting the fact that slaves were being treated like animals. Education expanded his insight and gave him a feel of being "free forever."

By reading Frederick Douglass's essay, it didn't only make me realize how important education really is, but also, it made me think about what I value in my life.  Oscar Wilde once said that
"nowadays people know the price of everything but the values of nothing."

The decline of values among our youth is a big problem. Values help you differentiate between what's right and wrong, without values, there is an increase in crime, violence and drug abuse.
privilege check your privilege
For me, myself, I value something beyond what I see, I don't really understand the purpose of my existence yet, and I am still finding myself in this wild universe. However, I do value my existence as a human being living a privileged life filled with love and peace. I value: honesty, boldness, trust, freedom, team spirit, modesty and fun. I am lucky to be living a life with a family, a home to go to, food to eat, and education.


tv laughing laugh family powerpuff girlsMost importantly, I value most is my family. My family are my friends, they have always been there for me through good and bad and they have always taught me many things that I will take with me for the rest of my life. We don't usually value family enough. Why is that? It's because some people take things for granted, family has always been there and you wouldn't usually realize unless you think about it.


Think about your values, about what you stand form about what's important to you. Stay positive throughout your thoughts, and always believe in yourself.

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