Love as a Religion

January 9, 2016
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Love is a force that transcends every walk of life, group of people, culture, story, idea, and belief in the infinite universe. When we choose to do something good it's because we love it.        When we do something bad it is for a lack of love or in the hope of gaining love, or perhaps, it is being done for someone we love. Love is not simply a chemical emotion or a specific serious of actions or a physical, tangible thing I can hold before you. Love is a force that is omnipresent in every action of everything we do on this Earth and further. It is a force within all of life that both motivates and transcends. Love is a ruling force greater than any one thing or person. 

        I've never been religious, but perhaps, love and God are the same thing. That would make me devout, and then the religious and I were always believing in the same thing, and just got mixed up in the wording. 

        How many of the same things are we labeling as different?

        If it gives us strength, and purpose, and happiness, 

                            should it even matter?

                                   Love is Love.

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