Love as a Religion

January 9, 2016
By mwilliams SILVER, Nashville, Tennessee
mwilliams SILVER, Nashville, Tennessee
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"People will always choose safety over freedom" -Napoleon Boneparte

Love is a force that transcends every walk of life, group of people, culture, story, idea, and belief in the infinite universe. When we choose to do something good it's because we love it.        When we do something bad it is for a lack of love or in the hope of gaining love, or perhaps, it is being done for someone we love. Love is not simply a chemical emotion or a specific serious of actions or a physical, tangible thing I can hold before you. Love is a force that is omnipresent in every action of everything we do on this Earth and further. It is a force within all of life that both motivates and transcends. Love is a ruling force greater than any one thing or person. 

        I've never been religious, but perhaps, love and God are the same thing. That would make me devout, and then the religious and I were always believing in the same thing, and just got mixed up in the wording. 

        How many of the same things are we labeling as different?

        If it gives us strength, and purpose, and happiness, 

                            should it even matter?

                                   Love is Love.

The author's comments:

Love is "technically" an onslaught of chemicals released within the body that creates an emotional state for the only purpose of mating with a member of our species that has a different immune system from you; in the hopes of creating a different, better immune system so that our species will endure evolution and survive on this Earth. The "state of love" these chemicals create is fleeting, at best...


However, despite all I know, and believe I can't ignore the feeling, deeper than my gut, that love is more than that. It's the only thing I've never questioned. When I question science, and religion, and reality I never question love. I can't shake the idea that that's what religion feels like. It is a question you never have to answer, a force stronger and greater than your self, and an unwaivering belief in it. The belief in love or true love is just like that. I don't know if this belief is because my parents have always loved each other and their relationship was based on steady ground and reasonable thinking. Maybe it's because I have always felt love, at least within my household, or maybe it comes from something different than what my parents have taught me to believe. Maybe it's something deep within myself. Maybe people who are truly devout feel that too.

I don't know.

The point I'm struggling to make, because topics this deep and big are hard to swim in, is that love and religion are the same, so I don't understand why, in numerous ways, religious people keep standing in the face of it. 

Religion is Love.

Love is Religion.

Love is Love.

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