Dear You

January 2, 2016
By mysteryone SILVER, Auburn, Alabama
mysteryone SILVER, Auburn, Alabama
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Yes. I mean you. The one reading this right now. Uh-huh. That would precisely point to you. After all, you are the one reading this. Okay, now we know who “you” are. Well, are you wondering about me? Who am I, huh? There isn’t much to be said about me. I’m just some sentences of words trying to talk to you. However, there certainly is much to be said about you. In case you can’t see already, there’s obviously a huge difference between you and me. I am only conjoined letters. On the other hand, you are a living and breathing person. Just for that, you mean something.

Let’s skip to the part where I make my point. My purpose is fairly simple. It is to enlighten you of your true worth. In case you’re wondering, the sum of your worth is just a lot. Because it’s a lot, zeros on a check and number of instagram followers could never determine it. Your worth is too great and beautiful to be bound by meaningless numbers. It can only be described as it cannot be specified. That is your worth, my friend.

If you or other people disagree with your own worth, you should know they’re wrong. A voice may tell you that you do not deserve it, but you’ve truly earned it. Just by existing today in this moment, you are worthy of your great worth. You’re one of 7.125 billion living people making Earth all that it is. You’re part of the monumental marathoners running in this human race. In simple words, you’re human. No matter what color, race, gender, preference… you’re still human. And of course, you’re just you. That alone entitles you to happiness, joy, love, and all the lovely things in the world.

You’re very worthy, but they are too. Your own worth cannot lower or raise the worth of others. In fact, you and them are all equal. No matter who you and they happen to be, everyone is all the same. Every human is cherished and valuable. I don’t care if you’re Bill Gates, William Shakespeare, Justin Bieber, or even homeless. At the end of the day, your soul weighs the same as any one of them.
Whether you receive paychecks with an abundance of zeros, hateful text messages, or flattering compliments- you are worth the same as everyone else. In fact, that worth is just a lot. If you can’t remember anything else, just remember the words in this letter. It will pull you through all there is in life. These words will help you survive both the boiling and freezing points in life. Since I am only some words, you should definitely take my word for it.

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