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It's Never Over

May 14, 2015
By Tigerfly101 PLATINUM, Derry, New Hampshire
Tigerfly101 PLATINUM, Derry, New Hampshire
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‘It’s over’ is a phrase that means some event or part in our lives has come to an end. Most of the time, we will experience this phrase and become met with sadness at what we have lost. Some of us, however, may experience it when certain turmoil has ended, and instead be met with relief or happiness. We all will relate to it at some point in our lives, if you have not already. Some can hear it and remember their first breakup. Some remember more tragic things, like the death of a loved one. Whatever the situation may be, we learn that the best thing to do is to accept the end and move on. You may have lost something dear to you, but you have not lost everything. You have the memories. Let go of the sadness, the grief, the anger, the denial, and the false hope that things will change, and replace all those feelings with those memories that made you joyful when they occurred. You cannot return to what is now over, but you can remember it forever. So remember the good times you had on that amazing vacation you took, or the friendship you once shared with someone close to you. Remember the people who made your life worthwhile, even if they are gone, and remember the highlights of each day that pushed you to keep going.
Think about the phrase ‘it’s over’, and don’t wait until it sneaks up on you. Don’t wait until it's too late to turn back. Make every event, every friendship, and every brief moment in your life worth it, because eventually, those events, those friendships, and those moments will end, and you should, you deserve, to have those memories to prove to yourself that it’ll be worth it when it’s over.

The author's comments:

My inspiration for this is something in my own life that is coming to an end. My high school String Ensemble group. Three out of the four of us that are left, the four that have been together for three years now, are graduating. These people have been an amazing part of my life for three years, and I can't stop thinking about how in only a couple of weeks, I won't see them anymore. We won't gather together for rehearsals and concerts anymore. I'm incredibly sad, but I think about all the memories that we created together, and I will use them forever to help myself get past my sadness. 

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