A Morbid Truth

December 4, 2008
Warm blood creeps through the dusty ground,
As the morning fog blows through the decaying mounds.
Sounds of screaming gunshots pierce the morning air,
While soldiers shoot without a care.
Children run to save their lives,
As men fight to protect their wives.

This is war, a killing spree
Watching innocent people flea.
They have no mercy,
Just the glory of killing,
While they yell hateful cursing.

But America is in no fear!
We think our government is strong, but
If we keep fighting this way…
Something will go wrong.

American families could be the ones,
Lying dead and bloody in the streets.
High schools and daycares
Bombed and beat.

It could be us we hid in fear
Of a morbid truth
We ignored was growing near.

We are not safe
If life takes a turn,
In our precious America
We will burn.

Earth will fall dark
As we destroy
Everything she gave us
And all the things we have enjoyed.

O either say goodbye to her
Or we must make a change!
Because if we don’t, the once radiant sun
Will turn a pallid grey…

Saying goodbye to mother earth,
And welcoming Doomsday.

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LivingInLiterature said...
Jan. 29, 2009 at 12:20 am
This may sound ironic, but it is too morbid. The answer is not to scare people into changing, but inspire them to change. Not only that, but you give no clue as to how to change. To me, anyway, it sounds like a person who "talks the talk, but can't walk the walk."
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