The Storm

December 4, 2008
By Vanessa Garoute, Weston, FL

The Storm

When you picture a storm, do you picture rain, wind, and radios blasting with the latest news of this so called storm? Shutters are put up on people’s houses, and the kids’ bikes are all put inside… Well, my image of a storm is somewhat similar, except the shutters aren’t really shutters, they’re your brain, blocking out tat aren’t “important”, and the rain is the little things in your life, that ruin your day. To be completely honest, this storm isn’t just any storm, it’s the storm. Things didn’t gradually begin to fall. It was like a big bucket of water, where everything just bolted out of the bucket and made its way into my life. I’m not talking about Wilma, or Andrew, or any other petty hurricane. Those hurricanes are nothing compared to my storm. How ‘bout we name my storm? Let’s name it Life. Its name is pretty self-explanatory.

It all started on November 3rd, 1993, my mother gave birth to me, and by chance, she lived. It hurts me to know that her giving birth to me, almost took her life away, but to be honest, after all we’ve been through together, that’s just something small. My father isn’t in the picture anymore, and I can’t blame him. My family is a pain in the neck, but it wasn’t his choice for him to leave us. Neither was it ours, but that’s how life is. Here we go again… going back to that word, Life. Life is a huge storm that we can’t control, everyone’s storm is different, but they’re all just as deadly, you come into life, knowing you will die, but you try to make the best of it, and while doing that, your storm gets even more and more intense and difficult, that it comes to a certain point where you just cannot take it anymore.

My mother is a single mother of four kids, and she works her butt off! Her storm is going crazy, there are cows and pigs, and houses flying all up in her storm, but she still keeps a straight face, and tries her best to make everyone else’s storms calm down. She owns many businesses everywhere, which are tropical storms amongst themselves. She is a strong woman I tell you, but she keeps her storm under supervision, and it’ll stay between her and her businesses, she won’t bring it home with her.

My storm has been going on for about 14 years, and it’s going pretty crazy right now, I mean over the past year, there’s been so much change in my life, that sometimes I need to just stop and take a breath. My grandma is cancer free as of yesterday, and that was great news, because my grandma is the reason I’m living. Her storm has been horrible, but now, I think it’s ready to calm down, and she is ready to let it calm down.

Life is tough, and I realize it, and I’m only 14 years old. What about when I’m twenty years old, I wonder what category my storm will be.

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