December 4, 2008
By dane Maison, Laguna Beach, CA


Distance, is tied with love, with distance we find our true emotions; with distance we see what is unclear and hazy. Many people say that distance is sharp and painful. That’s only the surface, only what we are able to see.

What we see in distance is something that you cannot see anywhere else, but at the same time it cannot be seen at all, like life and death, you can only be unilateral to what you see.

The reason I’m writing this is to tell you that even though you think you know who you are and you know whom you love and whom you do not.

The Cycle
As we fulfill our everyday life the top of our hourglass sheds sand, into the bottom of our hourglass, where it will sit forever in inertia.

Death is forever. As far as I know.
“How was your day”
What a tedious question. She knows I’m just going to say ‘fine’ like I do every other day.
“What did you do?”

Like always.
The car ride between school and home, where your life is momentarily free of stress. Where I sit and look out at the ocean and the hills and the houses perched precariously on the hillside.
When I fall asleep at night, my emotions run wild, hate, fear, love, surge through my body like a vicious storm. Night is when I am alive and sure. When I show my true self.
I am sensitive; I can’t change that, though I wish I could. When I think about my life, where it’s headed, what I am going to do with it, I feel like bursting out and screaming. Not because it’s so complicated with so many choices, because I don’t want it to happen.


What is your ideal life, where would you be, what would you do?
Many people look at life as chores, as a list of things we have to do, although they will probably not admit it, its true, and we all know it. Life is a privilege. I think.

I am 14 years old. I am a teenager, I am afraid. It’s natural to be afraid… Right? As a teenager I am also uneasy, every step I take, no matter how light, has an impact.

It scares me.

“Wake up”

The voice of my mom in the morning is either one of two things. Disappointing or Soothing. How can something be so completely opposite yet the same?

“5 minutes”

“Your gonna be late, get up!”

You never will fully understand life; it will always be an incomplete puzzle. One thing I most certainly will never understand is why I must wake up at this absurd hour to do something everyone knows I don’t want to do.


As we work towards greater happiness in life, we face challenges that will temporarily cripple us. Unfortunately most of the time we are caught in a trap it is because of ourselves.

The drive from home to school is completely different this way around. It’s the most stressful moment in my life. It’s the most tedious moment, its horrible.

But in this chaos in my brain, on the outer shell it is quiet. Birds are chirping the sun is rising.


“Are you alright?”

A voice in the back of my head yelled.

As I slowly regained consciousness I realized what had just happened. My brain was pulsing as thousands of thoughts shot through my head. I tried to open my eyes, nothing. I tried again, still nothing. I screamed.

I heard people talking, phones ringing, TV’s playing, clocks ticking. I was in the hospital.

“Honey?” It was my mom “are you alright?”
I could talk, I just didn’t want too.
She knew that.

Life is bipolar, one minute it could be great. The next it could take a U-turn. I hate it when life does that to me.

When you are blind, life takes a steady shot at you, life tests you. You are pushed to the extreme. You learn to take into consideration that everyone shouldn’t be the same.
When you learn a lesson in life it will stick with you. You will remember it, as we age and we grow our minds will grow with our age.

Have an open mind, and an open heart, the more things you accept into your life the more you will learn. You will become wise. Learn to love rather than hate. The rest will be decided for you.

The author's comments:
There is more to life then what is apparent

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