The Last Gift

December 3, 2008
By Chelsy Curtis, Buckeye, AZ

As I walked outside a blast of cold air hit my face. It was seven A.M. on December 25 the most exciting day of a ten year olds life, but not for this ten year old. All I could think about was Sunny, the horse I took riding lessons on. Three days before I had found out my instructor was planning to sale him. I had asked my parents if we could buy him and they had said yes. I had been crushed to find that he had already been bought. I walked over to the rabbit cages to feed them and as I did, I thought about the dream I had that night. Julie, my cousin, and I were running our horses along a cornfield. Her horse was as black as night and mine as white as snow. We smiled and laughed as we rode because these were our lesson horses that we had only dreamed of owning and now we did. I had awakened that morning knowing that my dream would never come true. I waved as my parents followed by my grandparents came out the back door. “Has she seen him yet?” my grandma asked my mom. “Seen who”, I asked confused. “Guess not” my mom replied. She smiled as she pointed behind me and said, “Your grandma got you some one.” As I turned a smile broke on my face. There was Sunny, with a scarlet bow around his snowy white neck. If I had not been so wrapped up in my thoughts that I would not have walked right passed him. Tears sprang into my eyes as I ran to hug his beautiful neck. He nudged my shoulder as I wiped my eyes and thanked my grandma. “Go call Julie”, my mom said with a smile. I laughed with excitement as I ran to call my cousin. I laughed even harder when I found that she had gotten star, the horse that she was taking riding lessons as well. We made plans and in less than an hour, we were running our horses along a cornfield between our houses. Her horse as black as night mine as white as snow. We smiled and laughed as we rode, for these were our lesson horses that we only dreamed of owning and now we did.

The author's comments:
That was the last Christmas that I spent with my grandma, for three weeks later she was killed in a car accident. Sunny followed her 6 years later due to cancer. I will always remember the last gift she gave me.

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