a cliche paper about equalityy

December 2, 2008
By lily zalon, Southport, CT

Do you realize, as teenagers, that our ENTIRE lives revolve around stupid social statuses and title? Every day, we back-stab and gossip and betray other people's secrets. Don't say you haven't. I have. Almost every day, just like most of you. We call people losers, we insult and rip to shreds, and question every bit of every person's personality. You can't be totally perfect; somewhere, someone has found a part of your being that they have a problem with. They think it, they tell it, it gets around, and soon everyone thinks your "give to charity" birthday party was forced onto you by your mom, or that you back-stabbed your best friend in third grade and can't be trusted. Do we really have to do this to each other?

I've never been viewed positively. Some look at me as a loser, some as a nerd. To a portion of people I'm just totally random and out of my mind, and to others, I swear to much or I'm rude or too anti-establishment. Do you see me caring? To some extent, of course. But if I'm a loser, then do I really want to win? To quote John Green (paraphrasing because I can't find the video on nerdfighters.com), is it our high IQs or or ability to pwn in intellectual debates that make us nerds, or is it our genetic need for glasses and our thinking-ahead pocket protectors? Are those bad? Oh, you're smart. Loser. You care more about books than
marijuana. What the hell?
And then there's the other social classes. The emos- basically just having a hard time in life, enjoy setting themselves apart, and the occasional few cause themselves bodily harm. Does that mean all emo people do? No. Does it mean the only people who do are, in fact, emo? Not at all. There's the clique of girls that every school has, the ones with 4.2 GPAs and presents for all their teachers on Christmas. They're in the middle. They're really generally nice, have a lot of friends, and win all the awards. There's the jocks, and the preps- shop at the same stores, athletic, not great grades but not bad either. They're the ones everyone wants to be. They're cool.
Do you see what I just did?!? I stereotyped! And all through it, you were reading, nodding your head and thinking, 'Oh, that's me' at the correct time. We do this
at all times .
All of us.

Whether it's in our heads or behind each other's backs, there's something in our head that's neither positive nor fair.

Our stereotyping set us apart from some and groups us with others.
And it hurts.

Let's take a break. Keep your thoughts positive. Say something nice to someone. Have a conversation with someone considered your enemy based only on social status. Apologize to those you've hurt. If you have a problem with someone, work it out in a truthful, poisonless way. Set social status aside. Break apart and turn nerds, preps, jocks and everyone else into simply people.

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