Green or Bust

December 2, 2008
By eric garcia, Boise, ID

The best way to protect Idaho’s forests is through protection and regulation. Lucy
Carcom “He who plants a tree plants a hope.” The way to help trees is not to stop cutting
them but to replace them every time we do cut one. People trying to stop logging is like
trying to make the Sun not glow its pointless and will not work. By planting a tree when
you cut one take what you need and more for when you come back. Mankind needs
paper and air my plans will give us more of both for us and future generations.
The first thing I would do to protect Idaho’s forest is controlled burning. When a tree dies of a diseases or parasites it falls and spreads to other trees through the air, land, and animals. Controlled burning would kill diseases, parasites , and other harmful things that would spread and kill lots of trees.
The second thing I would do to ensure Idaho’s forests safety is limit logging
People are very wasteful I would encourage recycling and a minimum use of paper also
put a use both sides of paper policy, In addition to this I would put a cut one plant one
law to ensure Idaho stays healthy and green
Lastly, I would put a no motorized vehicles in the forests law they pollute the air, disturb wildlife, and attract wild animals to attack. And are later blamed for it when it
the people’s fault for disturbing them although too much noise is bad a bell or whistle
wouldn’t be bad because it tells animals your coming without disturbing them.
By regulation and protection, we can insure that Idaho’s forest stay green and healthy for many years to come. By making the world better for the environment, we can make the world better for us all.

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