The Horrible Day

December 2, 2008
By Alicia Banks, Delta, UT

Right when I woke up I felt like it was going to be a bad day. I fell off the bed and hit my right eye on the bed side table. Man, it hurt! When I got off the floor my dictionary fell on my head. I started to cry. My brother who is eighteen years old came in and tried to calm me down. It didn’t work. My father came in and spanked me. I cried for a few minutes then my father told me to be quiet and get ready for school. So, I went to my closet and was going to get my favorite green sweater. When I saw that is wasn’t in my closet I ran to my mother and asked her where it was. She said that she threw it away because I hardly ever wore it. I went to my room and picked my black sweater I had, it matched my mood. Then I put my pants on and noticed that I had holes in them, especially in the bum part.
When I went to the kitchen to have breakfast I slipped on some spilt milk. My mom yelled at me for running in the kitchen, even though I didn’t. When I saw that all my siblings got a toy in their cereal I was hoping way to much. I poured my cereal in the bowl and saw that I didn’t get a toy, and then I put my whole hand inside and didn’t even feel something, just crunchy cereal. Man, was I mad!
When I am done eating I go brush my teeth. When I got out my tooth brush I saw that there was gun on the thistles. I feel bad, but at least I don’t have to brush my teeth.

When I getting on the bus, Josh pushed me off and I landed in the mud. Then the bus left me there so I had to run all the way to school. I was late. I was so mad, I told my teacher why I was late and she thought I was lying so I had to go to the corner during first recess.

The day just seemed to get worse and worse. At math I got all forty problems wrong so I had to take it home for my parents to sign. I knew that I would get punished for it too. At lunch I forgot my sack lunch so I had to eat the school lunch. We had broccoli soup, peas, spinach and a soggy lemon bar.
After lunch at recess my friends wouldn’t let me play with them. I felt hurt. Then some sixth graders came over and started to push me around. I started to cry and I left them running.

After school my mom didn’t pick me up so I had to walk all the way to her work, what was about twelve blocks away. When I got there my mom said that she was sorry that she forgot me and that I could stay in the office and have carrots that she has in her office. My mom doesn’t like sweets before dinner. After about a half hour my brothers come in and say that they are busy and that they can’t take me home. I start to protest to them but they just laugh and walk out of the building. I went up to my mother and told her that I am having a horrible day. She doesn’t here me and leaves the room.
After about two hours there we go home. I was feeling horrible, because I have staying at my mother’s work every day for two hours and on Saturday’s I have to stay for nine hours because my brother’s refuse to take care of me on Saturday’s. When we got home my mother went right to work on dinner. After a half hour my dad came home and said that we were going to watch a movie that he and my mom wanted to watch. I almost puked, because I know what that means, something terrible with kissing and stuff.
For dinner we had fudge bars with corn and potatoes inside, but know fudge, beef jerky with marshmallow cream, jelly nacho’s, cottage cheese ketchup soup, with fresh mint and chocolate chips and Sausage milkshake. I almost threw up. I wished I did, but my father would have yelled at me.
After dinner we watched that really stupid movie called The Wedding Planner. It was so dumb. Full of, kissing, and talking romantic and softly.
When I went to bed I asked my mom if she has ever had a bad day. She said yes and asked why I was asking.
“Because to day was the worst, horrible, terrible, awful day of my existence,” I told her.
“Now hunny bunny, everyone has a horrible day, no reason to get upset,” she said as she kissed me goodnight.
Then I couldn’t get to sleep until at least 3:00 am. Right before I went to bed I said maybe tomorrow will be better.

The author's comments:
I wrote this story because a lot of people have bad days. Some people think that nobody cares about them or anything, so I wrote this because it shows that a lot of people have horrible days. How about you listen to one of my favorite songs. "Bad Day" It is a really nice song

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sloopymccoy said...
on Feb. 19 2009 at 12:51 am
sloopymccoy, Waterloo, Wisconsin
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Very nice and so true. Bad days.....

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